We decided that it was about time that we did something to help all of the people that are struggling with their finances. We had a think and decided that one area that we feel is often lacking is knowledge. We feel that it is sad, but have noticed that there are a lot of people that have just not been taught how to manage their money well. It is something which is only just starting to be taught in schools and so there are generations of people that have missed out on this teaching. Therefore, we have put together some articles to help people to start understanding money better. We provide explanations and hints and tips which we hope will get people thinking more about finance. We also do not want to be dry and boring so hope that we have put things across in a way that people can relate to and therefore will be able to apply to their own situation. We hope that people can start to make steps to improve and hopefully it will not be too difficult and they will be able to see the rewards and even enjoy doing it and want to do it more.